What We Do

DSC_6648AIDSFAM partners with international Christian leaders to help them better serve and love the marginalized in their communities. At AIDSFAM, relationships are at the core of our work and we look to fund projects that exemplify this. We are a flexible organization, led by the Holy Spirit, and seek to be wise and diligent stewards of the gifts and resources God has given us. We deeply invest time and resources in our projects and give priority to those that benefit the poorest and most disenfranchised, such as, widows, orphans, refugees and HIV/AIDS patients.  We also seek to encourage the next generation of Christian leaders by backing projects in education and early childhood development.

Focus Areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Economic Development
  • Evangelism and Discipleship


Christmas programs in India

AIDSFAM has been giving Christmas programs in India since 2006. Children get gift baskets of useful items, clothes and toys, Pastors get new clothes and a thank-you dinner, Widows get new clothes and other needed items. Programs are conducted in villages where AIDSFAM-KCDS works. These programs feature local and state guest speakers, local pastors and church leaders,  and include gospel outreach, food served to families and others in the village.

See photo albums on our Facebook/Causes page  Christmas for poor kids, India
See AIDSFAM Newsletter 2011  Check all 3 pages to see other major project
AIDSFAM has been providing great Christmas programs in poor villages in India since 2006. This year we will
be expanding our program to ten new villages. The programs are especially for poor children and families. The
programs include: Gift baskets and clothes for the children, elderly widows and widowers, and pastor’s families.
An evening dinner is provided for the poorest people in the village accompanied with music and special gospel-
based programs…. telling the true Christmas story.
Will provide a gift basket for
five children. This is the biggest event
in most villages. Baskets are presented
to the most needy children.
Pays for one new set of
clothing for 10 girls, boys, or blankets
for widows. These are often the only
new clothes they get during the year.
Provides music, speakers,
lights, and entertainment. Each village
has a public ceremony for presentations
of gifts, skits by children featuring a
Christmas theme.
Covers a
nutritious meal for
the most needy in a village.
Will give a poor village a
complete Christmas program, which
includes all of the above impact levels.
New England rep: Lynn Norris, 802-467-1029 email:
Director AIDSFAM: Terry Kennedy, 561-676-9908 email:
AIDS Family Fund, Inc. (AIDSFAM) 501(c)(3) EIN: 20-5666608
3007 Bimini Bay, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 (561) 676-9908
“Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves” Street children, orphans, elderly widows and widowers. Especially those individuals and families affected by AIDS/HIV disasters. We accomplish this by providing nutrition/food programs in poor villages, education for the illiterate and children from poor families, medical care in the slums where other organizations do not go.
AIDSFAM is a Christian Faith Based organization serving the needs of the poor without regard to religion, culture, race, or nationality.

Nutrition and Education


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